Jordan Lewis Reflects On Our Addiction To Bad Nostalgia In “Scared New World”

Glorious, disturbing & shiny

Video still from Jordan Lewis – Scared New World (Official Music Video)

Awash in red and blue neon lights, Jordan Lewis fights with his own demons in his new video “Scared New World,” directed by Peter Lansworth. It’s a gorgeous explosion of alternative rock infused with smoky layers where Lewis’ propulsive guitar strikes stand out from the ambient euphony as a melodic engine of its own. The video features Lewis in a dystopic place in solitude as he wrestles with his own mental battles:

“I wrote ‘Scared New World’ in the middle of a weed stupor with the best producer I have ever met, Brendan O’Brien. The words to it just kind of came out. Looking back, the song is about a type of depression. The kind where you miss the past so much yet you know you shouldn’t. Where you would rather go back and relive the bad times all over again because the future seems too uncertain. It’s a feeling I’ve been getting more and more as I get older. A sort of pathetic nostalgia,” shared Lewis.

The track is the follow up of his previous single “Morning Pills” and from his upcoming EP, which is in the works.