Stats Address The Highly Inflammable Topic Of Exes In “Old Flames”

“There’s no smoke without old flames”

Photo: Bob Foster

London band Stats give us a reflective melody to navigate through all the anxieties and emotional booby traps of addressing the ex talk in a new relationship in “Old Flames.” It’s a laidback, foot-stomping piece that quickly turns into a bursting mess of glorious euphony as Stats juggle with the notion of being honest – to what extent should one be honest to keep a healthy relationship? If you don’t have the answer, join the club and play this:

On their latest release, frontman Ed Seed commented: “When you’re pledging your future together with someone, what do you do with the past you don’t share – do you tell each other everything, or do you just agree not to talk about it? And what if there’s one ex you’re just not sure is completely, ex? I guess your romantic past stands in here for your whole lives before you met each other – there’s so much you both went through to become these people who want to be with each other…but you wouldn’t want them to know every little thing…would you?”

“Old Flames” is from Stats’ upcoming new album Powys 1999, which will be out on November 13th via Memphis Industries.