Treasure Gnomes & Lachi Soundtracked Our Ex Mobile Communication In “Messages”


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With sizzling smoke, Treasure Gnomes opens up “Messages” where Lachi’s deep-cutting vocals lay out the messy situation of being emotionally caught up with an ex. “I saw you talin’ with your friends / And I wonder do you ever mention me?” chants Lachi. There’s a burning suspense from the beginning of the song before the riffs kick and the tracks starts boiling with blazing synths as Lachi’s voice channel the anger but emotional addiction towards a past lover. Treasure Gnomes elevate the intensity of “Messages” to a fist-pumping level as the bursting beats start stomping over your eardrums as your reward center gets hooked into the groovy backbone of the song. There are slight traces of urban pop to “Messages” that allows Treasure Gnomes to push the boundaries of modern EDM but still delivering the hip-shaking spirit of the genre. If you’re still in a love/hate phase with your ex or you tend to text them (especially after drinking), then this is the song that speaks to your heartbreak, lingering attachment, and bad texting habits. “I think about you when I’m eatin’ / Think about you scared of sleepin.’” Someone please invent an app that permanently blocks your phone from texting your ex. In the meantime, here’s “Messages” to cry or party your broken heart:

Speaking of the track, Treasure Gnomes shared: “We really enjoyed working on this track together. Everyone’s experienced that moment where they still hit ‘Send’ despite all the advice in the world. I know I have, and so has Lachi. I’m just a really messy bitch…”

“Messages” is out now via Be Yourself Music.

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