Spooky Mansion’s “Baby’s New Man” Is Made Of The Weirdest Instrumental Combo

Including nuclear radiation

Photo: PR courtesy

LA band Spooky Mansion makes groovy, sun-kissed rock out of the most unexpected ingredients. Their latest single “Baby’s New Man” was recorded in some Navy Base where hydrogen bombs used to saturate at some point in history. With some ‘vintage’ keyboards, questionable marimba, and nuclear radiation, “Baby’s New Man” yields a rare form of chaotically organized euphony that makes you feel so…different. But in a good way, sorta:

In speaking of the new release, lead singer Grayson Converse shared: “Some questions you may have about ‘Baby’s New Man’: Is that a marimba doubling the bass? Is that keyboard sound a patch called African Skies from a cheap 80’s keyboard we found in the garbage? Is that chorus guitar riff homage to the greatest song of all time, ‘Fly’ by Sugar Ray? Why is that tambourine pattern so kewl? The answer is yes. Recorded at the Navy Base in San Francisco where they used to store hydrogen bombs in the 50’s, you can almost hear the nuclear radiation saturating the music – we definitely felt it saturating our lungs. But art is all about sacrifice so we’re not too worried about it because we got a rippin’ song out of the deal.”

The track is from their sophomore LP The Curse, which will be out in early 2021.