The Drives Open Up About “OCD” In New Rock Banger

And we’re obsessed with it

Photo: Geffen Shichor

LA-based trio The Drives beckons us into their own odyssey with mental health in their latest alternative rock anthem “OCD.” Based on vocalist Andrew Levin’s own experience with OCD, it’s a propulsive ballad that kicks off with stomping beats which eventually metamorphose into a gauzy fest of woozy percussions that send frissons breezing through your system. Yet the listener cannot help but feel this sense of restlessness that the trio translate through the fizzling melody and lyrics:

Regarding the influence behind the track, Levine shared:

“I have struggled with pretty severe OCD almost all of my life and surprisingly have not written much about it. This is one of the first songs where I address OCD and my own mental health. Specifically, I’m talking about my reluctance to speak about my mental struggles to anyone, including psychologists and loved ones in my early 20s. I always knew something was ‘up’ with my head and knew that I would eventually have to address what it is that was going on. However, I was pretty terrified to tell people around me what was going on in my mind, so I resisted talking about it to anyone. That’s really what this song is about. It’s about me hating the idea of letting someone help me with my mental health. Of course, when I actually let my family, friends, and psychologists help me, it was the best decision I ever made and has absolutely changed my life for the better.”

Comprised of Levin, Casey Chen and Geo Botelho, The Drives formed back in early 2017. Their previous single “Keep Warm” made waves across the media and was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, KCRW, and topped #3 on Hype Machine Popular Charts. Since then, other works have been featured across radio stations and even used for commercial. The band currently reside in Highland Park and will be sharing more songs soon, so keep them under your radar.