we meet as strangers’ “everyone betrayed me I’m fed up with this world” is out

No caps needed

Photo: Artist courtesy

Formed back in 2015 by Felix Hubert (vocals, guitar) and Julian Werner (synthesizer, drums), we meet as strangers is a genre-neutral duo who make…good music. Their sources of inspiration are odd – from the delicate, rustling noise of a printer to lamps at IKEA, we meet as strangers find all kinds of sounds that help them hone their style. Their latest single “everyone betrayed me I’m fed up with this world” is one fluid groove that takes you through a dreamy soundscape filled with the pains of not being the one. Hit play:

In talking about the influence behind the track, the duo shared: “With ‘everyone betrayed me I’m fed up with this world’ the band we meet as strangers created an upbeat Indie-dance song filled with lots of analog synths, lush guitar riffs and dreamy vocals about not being the one but being kind of okay with it. The whole mood is inspired by how one that hasn’t experienced the 1980s first hand would picture them. All earnings from this song will be donated to the non-profit organization ‘Doctors without Borders’ in order to help the people in the Moria camp on Lesbos.”