Danny Goo’s “Repeat It” Is For Your Post-Heartbreak Identity Crisis

A journey of self-rediscovery

Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from Dallas, TX, Danny Goo crafts a sound that uses the hooks of minimalistic pop embellished with chest-swelling R&B elements. His latest single “Repeat It” is a song born out of heartbreak where your sense of worth has been overly dependent on a relationship that has ended. The track is a smooth, airy single filled with buoyant melancholia where pain and hope coexist. Stream below:

On the single, Goo shared: “For the first time in my life I felt needed by someone else. It made me happy beyond belief, and I felt like I was finally complete. However, once the relationship ended I found myself a lost mess. What I once had that made me feel whole was now gone leaving me feeling like I could never be complete again. I desperately tried to win her back, to win my old complete self back causing me to fall deeper into my own pain. I had to realize deep down Nobody can complete me except for myself. Regardless of who comes and goes in my life I will always be enough for me. My happiness can’t be dependent on anyone except for myself.”

The track is from his upcoming debt EP Feel For You, which will be out on December 16th via Atoned Music.