Openfire. Swing Between Uncertainty & Ambition In “Wonderland”


Photo: PR courtesy

Adelaide’s rising band Openfire. address the emotional chaos that one goes through when pursuing his/her dreams in their new single “Wonderland.” It’s a cathartic piece with firing guitars, glimmering hope, and lingering doom that captures the weird state of being uncertain yet determined. For those of you struggling with life, career, meaning of success, Ikea assembly, and other problems, here’s “Wonderland”:

Speaking of the track, vocalist Luka Sandeo explained: “Written as a dare and a warning to the band in pursuit of ‘the dream,’ ‘Wonderland’ both embodies the smokey, mysterious struggle in the dark of the rabbithole and the victory or triumph over fear in leaping head first into the wildest adventure of your life. Going into the studio, we as a band aim to create music that illustrates itself, and for each song to be a world that you step into. ‘Wonderland’ plays with what the world looks like when your reality and stability is questioned, bringing to mind neon lights in nature, glitter, pattern clashing…”

“Wonderland” is a glimpse into what the band has in store for us in the upcoming months.