Quinn Pickering Makes Incontrollable Breakups Feel Smooth In “Ultraviolet”

Indie pop

Photo: Elyse Willan

There are times when your relationship goes south and you can’t help but feel like a helpless, burning Elmo:

Fortunately, Vancouver artist Quinn Pickering made a song titled “Ultraviolet” where he lends a groovy, empathetic voice to all the suppressed emotions that comes with seeing the end of a romance. Layered with smooth riffs, “Ultraviolet” feels like a warm tap in the back reassuring you that it will pass:

“‘Ultraviolet’ is about watching a relationship fall apart and not being able to do anything about it,” shared Quinn. “Sometimes people grow apart with important things left unsaid, and the chorus highlights the confusion and frustration that arises when the situation is beyond your control. It taps into questions such as, why things so clear to you, can go unnoticed by someone else. Ultraviolet light is unseen and yet vital for survival, much like communication in a relationship.”

The track is from his upcoming EP Supernova, which will be out on November 13th.