BLESSED Dives Into Fatal Romance In “Bonnie Killed Clyde”

Where love meets betrayal

Photo: PR courtesy

African-Australian artist BLESSED retells the story of the infamous couple Bonnie and Clyde in his latest video “Bonnie Killed Clyde.” According to the artist, the song is “about betrayal, loss and longing.” It’s a laidback blend of R&B and hip-hop where BLESSED digs deeper into the doomed, epic romance. Check out the video below:

The track is from BLESSED’s upcoming mixtape Music Is The Medicine, which will be out on November 20th. On his upcoming mixtape, he explained: “Music Is The Medicine is a sonic piece on self love, growth, understanding and the generational hunger for hope. This mixtape is a multi-genre sequence of songs shifted into different frequencies that affect the body and subconscious mind in an enlightening nature. Music can match moods and influence positive or negative emotions. With this project, I want to use the ethereal feeling of sound alongside introspective and reflective lyrics to reach a broken generation.”