Da’Vinci’s ‘Stardust’ Is Multi-Dimensional Sonic Odyssey

Experimental electronic

Artwork: PR courtesy

Brooklyn-based musician takes us on a journey of textures and motions that yield distortions, patterns, nostalgia, and renewal with his latest EP Stardust. It’s a record that takes the listener into different dimensions offering an emotionally fluid soundscape to interpret the song as he or she may desire. The opener “Thisside” has a drip drop structure that feels as if raindrops are falling on your eardrums one by one.

“Heatnup” feels like it could be the instrumental melody for a hip-hop or R&B song. The stretchy, indistinguishable choruses in the background add an eerie oomph to the track whereas the shuffling riffs evoke a sense of reflection. “Skyhai” feels like a dreamy escapade where the hazy choruses in the background feel like the echoes of our own consciousness – incessant, fluid, and faint. The final track “Getdown” is built on syncopated rhythmic layers with warped synths and eccentric samples. It feels like a track that has been built on shards of noises that – weirdly enough – end up producing euphonious harmony.

In talking about his artistry, Da’Vinci shared:

“The inspiration for my music comes from the few genuine fans that I have.  Although my music is very experimental, the fact that total strangers reach out to me to say they love what I do is enough to push me to create more.

At the same time, inspiration comes from the musicians that create alongside my production are so talented at what they do; they make me want to get better.  The flavors of sound would be impossible without them, and I can’t thank them enough.”

Stardust features Da’Vinci (percussion, synthesizer, bass), Jean Bleu (vocals, synthesizer, guitar), Nami (vocals, synthesizer, bass), Teddi Jones (vocals, synthesizer), and Eiby (vocals, synthesizer).