Eric H. F. Law Sends A Message Of Unity In New Record ‘Better Angels’

Indie folk

Artwork: PR courtesy

Since the age of 14, Eric H. F. Law has been songsmithing capturing his journey being an immigrant in New York City. He released his double album Cycle of Blessings back in 2015, which was followed by his record Up-Side-Down-Town in 2019. Largely inspired by the political and sociocultural polarization of the country, Eric has been making music to address those issues. His latest record Better Angels taps into current political themes as well as his personal journey of navigating through the new norm.

The opener “Don’t be Afraid” is a self-empowering anthem soaring over a broody midtempo where he offers a message of perseverance through the difficult times. The follow up “Vicious Circles” is country-tinted folk piece where the expansive chords offer a down-tempo space for its listeners to reflect on the fallacies and hatred that we’re getting persuaded to accept as the norm. In “Braver Space,” Eric takes a jazzier trajectory where the splashy percussions and slickly stacked beats give you the perfect chill boost. “We need to find ‘Braver Spaces’ where we can reconnect with our common humanity despite our differences,” shared Eric.

The title track “Better Angels” is a laidback, alternative folk piece that channels a sun-kissed warmth. In “Out of the Closet,” Eric takes us on a foot-stomping waltz where the infectious beats nudges you to the dancefloor. Lyrically it’s a celebration to those who “step ‘Out of the Closet’ of division and self-preservation to offer care and courage to others.” While most of the songs in the record have been lingering between down to midtempo, Eric takes a notch up in “Bountiful Sky,” a soundscape filled with splashy and breakneck beats that sizzle with a jazzy pop flair. The exiting song “Fill with the Spirit” is a heartfelt indie pop piece where he reflects on hope, justice, and unity. With this, Eric leaves us with a message filled with optimism where he hopes to bring his listeners closer and more hopeful.