JWestern Navigates Through The Wrong Side Of Headspace In “Regret It All”

Alt pop

Photo: Aubrey Simpson

Leeds artist JWestern channels our hazy state of mind when we’re on the wrong side of our headspace in his new single “Regret It All.” Built glimmering guitar strings, the track echoes the thoughts that invade us when we’re trying to come into terms with an uncomfortable reality but feel mentally unready. “I wanted the synths in the verses to push and pull to illustrate my frame of mind never being constantly in the right headspace, and rather dipping in and out of clarity for a long time,” shared JWestern. Check it out:

JWestern further added, “‘Regret It All’ is the only track on the EP which features the original acoustic guitar I’ve had since I was 6, which all my songs normally start on. For quite a while I thought it lacked movement and groove in the verse/chorus so I thought I’d try finger picking the chords over the top and straight away it changed my perspective of the song.”

The track is from his upcoming EP Just People, which will be out on October 23rd.