Benjamin Lazar Davis’ “If You Want It” Is Your Fave Snap-Out-Of-Funk Anthem

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Photo: Kevin W. Condon

Brooklyn-based artist Benjamin Lazar Davis helps you snap out of that weird funk with his latest single “If You Want It,” his first single since his 2018 debut record Nothing Matters. Dipped with echoes and soothing haziness, “If You Want It” displays simple, sharp riffs that strikes your heartstrings in the most seamless fashion. “The video was shot by Johnny Frohman and I, and it stars Madeleine MacGillivray Wallace and an inflatable astronaut. It was shot in a location suggested by MacGillivray in Phoenicia, NY. It was my first time editing video, and I really had fun doing it!” shared Davis on the video. Check it out:

On the single, Davis explained:

“‘If You Want It’ was written by Sarah K. Pedinotti and I in her apartment in Brooklyn, NY. We finished the whole thing in one day. It just flew out of us. It was also the first song we recorded on day one of the recording sessions in Saratoga Springs, NY (myself, Lars Horntveth, and Luke Moellman). We started by taking the top off of an old Steinway upright, with Lars putting duct tape on the strings right where the hammers hit them — giving them that muted sound you hear. Then I added nylon string acoustic guitar, and Lars added lap steel and bass clarinet. It was cathartic because I had never really worked with Lars before, and when he added the piano I cried. It was so beautiful to me. To me, the lyrics are about recognizing that someone is lost and unable to be honest with themselves. It’s about trying to shake them out of their fog covering so that they can make the right decision, which is to drop everything and be with you. You’re telling them to look you in the eye and hoping that they won’t be able to lie to your face.”