Embrace Your Hermit Time With Phoebe Green’s “Golden Girl”

And also watch this shiny video with lots of colors

Photo: Phoebe Phox

Manchester artist Phoebe Green fully embraces the hermit time we needed to get to know ourselves better in her new single “Golden Girl.” The video is a fabulous, lasering performance where we get to see the gal flex her stage persona while letting us know that it’s okay to be on your own and not be a perfect human. Hit that play button:

On the single, Green explained: “‘Golden Girl’ is about realising that being alone can be absolutely crucial when it comes to self growth. It’s about accepting the fact that total perfection is completely unattainable, so desperately trying to meet that standard in every aspect of my life – especially my relationships – will never not leave me feeling like I’ve failed. I had to just surrender to the fact that I’m a bit of a fucking nightmare from time to time, and pretending that part of me doesn’t exist is exhausting.”

The track is from her upcoming EP I Can’t Cry For You, which will be out on December 3rd.