Melancholy Ray Rewinds Back To The Season Of Love In “Cassette”

Indie rock

Photo: Jon Bell

Leeds quartet Melancholy Ray reminisces and reflects on the cyclical nature of love in their new single “Cassette.” Polished with garage trimmings, “Cassette” is a nostalgic and upbeat rock canvass filled with plenty of longing, moodiness, and indulgence that channels the warmth of a bygone season. “‘Cassette’ is a bittersweet love song which takes a reflective look back on the summer, whilst embracing the cycles of change that’ll return next year. It’ll make you long for the sun and normality,” the quartet explained. Stream below:

Melancholy Ray are Callum Fewell (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Aaron Bentley (lead guitar), Jack Guard (bass), Dan Clifford-Smith (drums), Gabe Holland (synth).