Quarter-Life Crisis Shares “Waterfall” Ft. Hovvdy’s Charlie Martin

From upcoming debut EP

Photo: Colin Medley

Quarter-Life Crisis (aka Ryan Hemsworth) returns with new single “Waterfall” ft. Hovvdy’s Charlie Martin. It’s a buoyant, guitar-powered piece where the riffs bounce over a delicate midtempo soundscape that explores the constant tug-of-war we play as we try to understand and be understood by others. Hit that play button:

Speaking of the track, Charlie shared: “Ryan doesn’t know it but this was my first experience writing to someone else’s music. I’m a big fan of his previous work; and it was really exciting to hear him sort of meeting me in the middle style-wise. there are so many hidden gems in the production. Lyrically it explores a parallel I’ve been feeling lately: the difficulty of understanding and feeling understood and how sometimes that struggle almost mirrors the state of the planet. it’s like a downward spiraling feedback loop where any optimism feels like a triumph.”

The track is from Quarter-Life Crisis’ upcoming self-titled debut EP, which will be out on December 4th via Saddle Creek.