Rock The Art Of Emotional Detachment With Two Tribes’ “Cruel Sensuality”

Psychedelic krautrock

Photo: Two Tribes

Leaving a relationship is like dismantling a bomb – you need to try to be as objective as possible hoping to not snap the wrong cable. London trio Two Tribes taps into the highly risky territory of breaking up with someone while trying to stay as detached as possible in their new single “Cruel Sensuality.” It’s a krautrock weaved with swirling elements of psychedelia infused with industrial tones. Hit play:

“The lyrics focus on detaching yourself emotionally from another person, making the transition from sensuous to desensitised, and trying to figure out what part of yourself needs to be severed in order to leave a bad situation behind. Identity is a common theme in our music, and writing ‘Cruel Sensuality’ was an opportunity to explore the self-reflection and reinvention that occurs when dismantling a relationship,” shared the band.

The track is from the trio’s upcoming EP, which will be out next year.