The Besnard Lakes Take Us On Psychedelic Flight In New Video “Raindrops”

Psych rock

Photo: Joseph Yarmush

Montreal quintet The Besnard Lakes explore mortality and evolution in their new single “Raindrops.” Along with the single, they have revealed the video shot by Joseph Yarmush where they takes us into a flaming and smoky surreal trip outside of earth. Built on cathartic bursts of gauzy riffs, “Raindrops” soaks your consciousness into a highly existential groovy state:

On the video, the band shared: “This song and video details a psychedelic flight through the mind while deep in an altered state. The song lyrically references the death of Mark Hollis from Talk Talk (“Garden of Eden spirited”) and also describes the idea of evolution determining the story of the Garden of Eden.”

“Raindrops” is from their upcoming new album The Besnard Lakes Are The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings, which was released on January 29th.