JyellowL Grapples With Personal Vices In “Tunnel Vision”


Photo: Usman Akhtar

Like a lot of us who are constantly tempted with distractions, JyellowL also wrestles with his own vices in his latest track “Tunnel Vision.” JyellowL’s cutting vocals stomps alongside the fragmented riffs that bounce in a drip-drop motion, yielding a sharp hook. “Tunnel Vision” moves at a breakneck intensity building a catharsis where he never lets his listeners off the momentum – enjoy:

In speaking of the track, he shared: “This is a track highlighting personal vices and choosing to overcome them and avoiding distractions for the sake of achieving my goals. I was also feeling myself when I wrote it, I’m sure you can hear that too. It’s the final piece in the album jigsaw, it’ll all add up once you hear the full project.”

“Tunnel Vision” is from his upcoming debut album 2020 DIVISION, which will be out on November 20th via his own label imprint JyellowL Records Ltd.