Mouth Culture’s “ihatesadsongs” Is Sad But Still A Baller Anthem

They actually don’t like sad songs

Photo: PR courtesy

Coming from a band who actually don’t enjoy sad songs, Mout Culture’s “ihatesadsongs” is a baller melancholic ballad that speaks to our crushed 2020 spirit. The UK quintet uses a mixture of chest-swelling moments and heart-cringing buildups where the serene croons of vocalist Jack Voss breezes with a weird comfort. It’s sad (I mean, just look at the title), but there is a empathetic tone to it that makes you feel less alone and more okay with wearing the sad emoji. Now enjoy:

On the release, Voss shared: “‘Ihatesadsongs’ is a sad song. We’ve really embraced our DIY roots with this one, it’s a bit of a psychotic, but melancholic jam, inspired by the year 2020. We meal-dealed it with a music video filmed in lockdown, shot and directed by our guitarist Jacob. For us, ‘ihatesadsongs’ is a zeitgeist for the moment, a feel-good pop song for a society emerging from the unknown. Even though 2020 has posed a whole set of new challenges, we have been working hard in the studio, exploring, and experimenting with our sound. We’re Mouth Culture and we fucking hate sad songs.”

The track is out now via InVogue Records.