Riccardo Chiarion’s ‘Quiet Stories’ Is A Soothing Guitar Jazz Album


Photo: PR courtesy

Italian artist Riccardo Chiarion takes a solo trajectory with his record Quiet Stories, a guitar-powered jazz album that creates complexity out of simple harmonies and patterns. “Jazz solo guitar is not so easy. I always wanted to record an album playing alone but I was waiting for the right moment to do it. So, this is my first step in the world of solo guitar. I spent the last period practicing my compositions to reach the sound I figured when I wrote them: my goal is to find the right balance between melody and harmony, dynamics and rhythm,” shared Chiarion.

Quiet Stories takes off with “Delicato,” where the deliberate strings yield a serenely cautious vibe that draws you in seamlessly. With “Green,” Chiarion takes you on a waltz where the guitar strings evoke a dripping sound. In “Hidden Blues,” there is a buoyant moody charm to it that feels emotionally fluid, letting you indulge in the broody simplicity of it. “Sentimentale,” as its title implies, is a visceral piece that has a pleasant sadness to it. Even in its simplicity, there are heart-cringing trimmings on the melody making it serene but emotional trip.

“Your Lives” is an introspective piece where the glimmering chords invites you into an inward-looking soundscape. “Piccoli Passi” is an upbeat harmony whereas “Meetings” is a serene affair that is great for chillaxing. “Again” is the oddball in the record where the syncopated rhythmic structures yield a refreshing hook. The following “Fields and Sky” take you back to the chill trajectory with its shimmering guitar strikes. The concluding song “Silence” brings a minimalistic ending to the album, wrapping up Quiet Stories in a fadeout fashion. With this record, Chiarion is a one-man party who mesmerizes you with his dexterity to maneuver his guitar strings to craft a rich soundscape.