Homecamp Capture Love In Its Purest Form In New Video “Two Doves”


Photo: PR courtesy

UK duo Homecamp capture love in its most pristine and simple form in their new video “Two Doves.” It’s a mood-boosting anthem that embraces our visceral desire to become somebody for someone while exploring the rapture that comes with it. Built on cathartic riffs, “Two Doves” is a heart-warming soundscape channeling a cinematic vibe. Hit play:

On the new single and video, Homecamp’s Adam Binder shared: “This song was written on a trip to Belgium. I got a bit bored hanging out at the hotel and went for a wander round the local area at night, and the chorus melody and words just came to me from nowhere while walking. I never write songs like that, usually I have a full song of instrumentation before attempting words and melodies, so this was super weird having to find the right instrumentation to the vocals.

Rarely do I have a message for a music video. I’m usually just trying to make it look cool and serve the song. But we went in with this with a clear message. No two love stories are the same, but all are equal. Race, gender, age, etc. None of it matters!”

Homecamp is the collaborative project of indie/emo band Dearist’s frontman Adam Binder and his bassist friend Will Jones. The track is from their upcoming mini record Did We Return As Something Else, which will be out on November 13th.