Little Winter Pay Tribute To First Love In “Julia”

Dreamy and beachy

Photo: Mike Jellesen

Danish quintet Little Winter takes us on a warm, nostalgic journey filled with the starry=eyed highs of first romance and its subsequent heartache in new single “Julia.” According to lead singer Nikolai Ryan, the song is “an ode to the first love and the jumble of feeling that it entails. Especially the letting-go part can leave you in a puzzled state of mind for years to come. The intrinsic tale of ‘Julia’ originates from the story of my first relationship and subsequent breakup, but figuratively it’s about all the Julias out there.” It’s a moody, sun-bleached piece where they ruminate on the temporary nature but permanent effect of first love. Hit play:

Nikolai further added, “Throughout our lives, we all have to part ways with people we used to love and sometimes we think back on what went awry, how the significant other is going in the now, and what would have happened had we stayed together.”

Little Winter is comprised of longtime friends Nikolai Ryan, Alexander Mirz, Nikolaj Sodemann Johansen, Daniel Clifton, and Martin Welling. The track is from the quintet’s upcoming record WONDERLOST, which will be out in March 2021.