Alex Amor’s “Prove Me Right” Is A Candid Contemplation Of Online Dating


Photo: PR courtesy

Scottish artist Alex Amor depicts the risky emotional labyrinth that comes with online dating in her new single “Prove Me Right.” Peppered with intimate musings and indulgent pessimism, it’s a minimalistic downtempo piece that is soothing on the surface but digs deeper into our own uncertainties and hope in finding modern love. Enjoy:

Thinking about the track, Alex shared: “This was a time in my life when I had my four walls up. Dancing around the dating scene for the fear of getting burnt. Men had become so predictable in that world, that I was becoming cynical of someone’s compliments, well wishes and good intentions. So to avoid further disappointment and cope with dating apps, I had it in my head that I was always going to be disappointed and in doing so, the men I dated were always going to ‘Prove me Right’. However, I now recognise, I was self actualising this outcome to an extent.”

The track is from her upcoming debut EP Love Language, which will be out in January 2021.