BYFYN’s Video “I Love Me Too” Is Teen Rom-Com With An Ironic Spin

So much glitter

Photo: Natalie Dodd

Hertfordshire artist BYFYN, aka Ellie Isherwood, invites us into her own world of teen rom-com in her new video “I Love Me Too.” Glossed with sizzling synths and bleached with dreamy hues, “I Love Me Too” is a starry-eyed pop piece that blooms with BYFYN’s vulnerability and grit as she opens up about her experience with mental health. The video has all the ingredients of rom-com with pastel colors and shimmering background, but with a twist of irony that accentuate the superficiality of the genre:

“This song is my ideal end to an EP about struggling with mental health- it’s like ‘everything is fine now and I love myself because life’s too short not to!’ But really it is just that, it’s the ideal, the fantasy situation. From experience, mental health is more of a journey, with ups and downs and unfortunately it can’t always be wrapped up, all sorted and tied in a nice little bow like it is in the movies. With the video I wanted it to look like it could be. I wanted to create the perfect fantasy/cheesy pastiche of a late 90’s, early 00’s teen film, complete with an outfit montage. A highly stylised fantasy bubble where everything works out perfectly in the end… but there’s a twist.”

The track is from her upcoming EP In Blue With You, which will be out on December 9th.