Petit Biscuit Taps Into Risky Ambiguity In “Burnin”

Electropop sprinkled with bittersweet emotions

Still from Petit Biscuit – Burnin (Official Video)

French artist Petit Biscuit addresses the ambiguity that surfaces between two friends with benefits in his latest single “Burnin.” It electropop kissed with a moody oomph that mesmerizes you with its risqué tone. In his own words, the track “is a very sensual song. After starting it in LA with Chrome Sparks, it’s one I went back to and worked on a lot during isolation… it’s about ambiguity between two friends with benefits… one fell in love and the other one is playing with that ambiguity. Something that happens when you’re very young and innocent and don’t know better.”

As for the music video, he added: “I think a lot of fans will recognize themselves in the lead actors. Almost everyone has experienced that kind of holiday relationship when you’re tired of someone but you don’t know if they’re tired of you too. It’s something that could appear as sad, but I think it’s like a comedy or a love story… at the end, you just have this little feeling in your heart because you don’t know what will happen. But it also feels good watching this story unfold.”

The track is from his upcoming LP Parachute, which will be out on Friday.