RINSE Rocks Out In A Feverish Graveyard In “Back Into Your Arms” Ft. Hatchie


Photo: Leigh Agius

Brisbane artist RINSE , aka Joe Agius, takes us into a feverish cemetery awash in smoky neon lights in new video “Back Into Your Arms” ft. Hatchie. It’s a dreamy track built on chest-swelling riffs where they explore the different phases of a relationship. The video, directed by Agius himself, was recorded in a makeshift graveyard that channels a cinematic grandeur:

Speaking of the single, Agius explained:

“I originally started writing ‘Back Into Your Arms’ as a possible song for Hatchie last year, but enjoyed singing it too much myself and decided to make it my own. Harriette’s vocals sounded so great accompanying mine on the demo we decided it would be a perfect opportunity to make her an official feature, since we both loved the song so much.

I finished the lyrics earlier this year after watching a lot of my friends’ struggle to maintain long distance relationships through the pressures brought on by COVID-19 and the past year. Each verse is from a different person’s view during different stages of a relationship, while the choruses fantasize about the idea that just being in each other’s arms is enough to make it work.”

The track is from RINSE’s upcoming debut EP Wherever I Am, which will be out on March 5th, 2021.