Mina Okabe Brings Back Summer Highs In New Video “I’m Done”

Meet the 20-year-old newcomer

Photo: PR courtesy

Copenhagen-based artist Mina Okabe is only 20, but her songs feel far deeper and mature for her age. Her single “I’m Done” is a sun-kissed piece that takes you back to chill summer days when you’re lazying around. Built on shimmering guitar chords fused with jazzy and soulful elements, “I’m Done” showcases Mina’s vocal prowess in channeling a soothing moodiness as she explores regret through the heartfelt lyrics. Check out the video below:

Born and raised in London by Danish and Japanese parents, Mina has lived around big metropolises including New York and Manila. Her music is largely inspired by her culturally rich background as well as universal themes of being a young adult. “I’m Done” will be out across all platforms on October 30th via Copenhagen Records.