NOPRISM Sends Us Funky 80s New Wave With “Happiness”

“Start scratching off the walls, this is taking forever”

Photo: PR courtesy

Newcastle-based duo NOPRISM, aka Andrew Young and Mark Nelson, have used this restless lockdown time to craft a song called “Happiness.” Sprayed with nostalgia, the track is a bouncy piece infused with 80s swagger that delivers a fusion of indietronica and new wave. Reflecting back to the time when they wrote the song, Andrew recalled, “It was a time when we were getting daily briefings from idiots scaremongering the people, as if those daily briefings were some kind of rallying call to the great British ‘keep calm and carry on’ spirit. It was nonsense.” Hit play:

Discussing the creative process, Andrew added: “We didn’t want to overthink it, so the structure of the song is exactly the same as the very first demo I sent over to Mark. I kind of like the way the 2 choruses bookend the middle sections, which are a bit of a free-for-all. It fits the theme of the song sounding almost absent-minded and distracted.”

“Happiness” is now available in all streaming platforms.