Ludic Welcomes Uncertainty With Open Arms In “Terrified”

Embrace the unpredictable

Photo: Artist courtesy

Ludic teaches us the art of welcoming uncertainty in their new single “Terrified.” It’s a chromatic pop single glossed with a mild layer of jazz and funk where the trio waltzes with the head vs. heart conundrum. According to them, the song “is about the struggle of making a life-changing decision that affects your future, especially in terms of career. Having to choose between pursuing what you want to do, or being practical and realistic.”

They further added, “‘Terrified’ is like a warm hug accepting the uncertainty of life. Ya, we’re scared too. Not always knowing what to do is okay – we have to persevere, y’know? To become who we truly feel we are meant to instead of who we are told to be.”

Ludic is Ayla Tesler-Mabe and siblings Max and Rhett Cunningham.