Sam Ritchie Bids Farewell To The Past In “Here We Go Again”


Photo: PR courtesy

If you ever dated someone who’s been trying to recruit your friends as side bitches, then Sam Ritchie’s “Here We Go Again” is the anthem you’ll need to dance to in order to detox that person outta your system. It’s a hip-shaking pop piece that feels all cheery and upbeat, but thematically it taps into an unglamorous situation that Sam moves on from (or dances away) with a self-empowering eyeroll chanting “Here we go again.” Hit play:

In talking about the song, Sam shared:

“‘Here We Go Again’ for me was always meant to be a fun song that you can sing with your friends so I thought ‘why not have it be about my past experiences’ I’m definitely a hopeless romantic so when this song came to mind it was weird to write the opposite meaning. I had a past experience where my significant other would try to get my friends numbers when I wasn’t around. My friends would tell me about it and it was awkward but I always gave them the benefit of the doubt I would assume it was misinterpreted from them but after a few more instances I knew it couldn’t be hence where the chorus came from ‘here we go again, messin with all my friends’ the verses were definitely more of my thought process of the whole situation where I should’ve known better and even though I had so much to give it felt like I was used. Although ‘Here We Go Again’ comes from a ugly scenario it’s also a fun song to kinda just let people know you can learn from your past, move on, and use it as inspiration.”