Vipid Takes Us On An Indietronic Journey Into The Past In ‘Memories’


Photo: PR courtesy

Vipid is the musical project of Jared Simmons who makes indietronica music infused with atmospheric elements that yields a laidback soundscape for his listeners to chillax. His latest record Memories capture certain moods, emotions, and reflection of the past. “Memories is an album that draws inspiration from early points in my life. As you look back on memories and recall the way life used to be, it’s often informed by all the things you’ve learned since then. Memories really was a way for me to channel those experiences and see them in a new light.”

The opener “Home” is a mellow intro piece where the bubbly melody soar with a sense of nostalgia. It’s a quiet piece that makes you shuffle through the pictures of all the past homes. In “Night Tides” Vipid channels waves of nocturnal bliss with riffs built on glimmering chords that wash you with a sea of mellow vibes. “Vista” takes off in minimalistic fashion with stretchy beats that quickly build into a synthphony that throbs in a stunning downtempo piece. “Dawn” is a slow-burning, broody piece that has a dark and introspective charm to it as the stomping thumps sizzle with a subtly eerie air.

In “Internity,” Vipid induces you into a pensive state with its multi-layered production crafted with syncopated rhythms and samples that yield a warm intimate atmosphere. “Six” is weaved with glimmering strings that has a fluttering tone to it. The follow up “Late Night” takes a more acoustic approach with its gliding chords, channeling the silent hours of the night filled with our own vulnerable thoughts. The penultimate piece “Lavender Sunset” is the most upbeat piece of the track and radiates a subtle pinch of cosmic pop. Vipid wraps up the record with “Fractures,” a moody piece graced with propulsive basslines and blazing synths. Memoriesfeels like a personal time capsule filled with nostalgia that feels like an escape to the past – often emotionally cringing and often therapeutic.