Cosmopolis Drop Highly Dystopic Groove “The Distances”

Apocalyptic art rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from all corners of the earth, Cosmopolis is the collaborative project of musicians who songsmith together and remotely. Their latest single “The Distances” is a downtempo piece that has an eerie air to it. Coated with visceral dark shades, the anthem soars with a suspenseful tension as the band addresses the death of Romanticism and our ongoing climate crisis. You could say this is a track for the pessimist, but one that gives a realistic punch of current issues. With “The Distances,” Cosmopolis uses art rock canvass splashed with dark shades of 60s new wave as the slow-burning synths stretch and dissolve with each other, offering a sonic escapade that makes you feel like you’re in an apocalyptic film. The echo-drenched choruses add a layer of enigmatic oomph to the piece as they muse on a dystopic world filled with emptiness. “There’s no nature here / Don’t stay / You’re not welcome here” chant Cosmopolis. Hit play:

Cosmopolis is a trio comprised of artists from Belgium, Asutralia, and UK. They’ll be releasing a single every two months for the rest of 2020 and 2021. The trio also plans on doing live concerts during half of 2021, depending on how the year unfolds. Make sure to keep them under your radar for more music and updates.