Kutyas Are Making Baller Indie Rock In The Norwegian Underground Scene

Addictive & smashing

Photo: Artist courtesy. Left to right – Sindre, Henrik, JP & Ørjan

Kutyas (pronounced cut-jass) is a Norwegian band comprised of Sindre (vocals, lead guitar), JP (guitar), Ørjan (bass), and Henrik (drums) who have been setting fire across the underground scene in the capital city of Oslo. They’ve been playing across clubs and venues since 2014 whereas their works have been features across radio stations and press. The quartet sound can be described as gritty and razor-sharp rock’n’roll with an introspective feel to it. Check out their self-titled debut album below:

Speaking of the record, Sindre shared:

“The album is meant to be a rock record that wears it’s influences on it’s sleeves but still sounds like itself. It’s a versatile album and depending on who you ask, you will hear mention of bands such as Qotsa, We Are Scientists, Morrissey, The Hellacopters and The Last Shadow Puppets. Most of the songs are written by lead guitarist and vocalist Sindre, but Hans Andreas is responsible for the overall sound of the album and has brought his own particular mixing style which gives Kutyas their distinct style.”

Be on the lookout for more bangers and news from the quartet.