Sonic Fuel’s “Karma” Is Rock Dynamite

Unapologetic & bold

Photo: PR courtesy

If what goes around comes around, then Sonic Fuel’s “Karma” is a track that will be circulating your eardrums constantly after the first listen. The rock act’s latest piece taps into the social and personal injustices that goes on in our modern era. “Karma” takes off with a firing electric guitar strikes that are quickly accompanied by a firework of drums, blazing chords, and propulsive bassline. Infused with the smashing elements of metal, “Karma” is a cannonade of explosive beats that keeps your adrenalines shooting up the roof. With his scrappy and deep-cutting voice, vocalist David Hales calls out those people who abuse their power and authority for egocentric gains. Lyrically, Sonic Fuel paints a candid portrait of the exhaustion and anger that our generation have been building towards such individuals – especially during this intense year. Stream below:

On the new single, Hales commented: “This particular song is a raw, energetic freight train from start to finish. It will resonate with those who have been abused by people in positions of authority with money and/or power. We make no apologies to anyone it may offend.”

Comprised of David Hales, Chris Robbins (drums), and Burton Akers (bass), Sonic Fuel was found back in 2019 by Hales. Their sound takes influences from iconic rock acts including Foo Fighters, Rival Songs, and Tonic. The band uses music as a creative outlet to voice their opinions on social issues as well as deeply personal topics on love, loss, hope, persistence, and growth.