Wallice’s “Punching Bag” Goes Out To Everyone Who Lost A Friend To Romance

“Left my Hydroflask in the back of your car”

Photo: Callaghan Kevany

LA newcomer Wallice gives us a lo-fi indie pop anthem to groove and maybe drops some tears titled “Punching Bag.” It’s a nostalgic anthem with Wallice’s own edgy flair that captures the grief we go through when we lose a friend coz he/she gets sucked into the relationship vortex. The video, directed by Taylor Fitzgerald, features the gal with a blow up doll that has some serious chest hair. You know what to do:

In her own words:

“‘Punching Bag’ started with me seeing the address of an old friend pop up in my Google maps as a suggested destination, but we weren’t talking at the time so it just made me feel weird. I wanted to be able to just go to their house and hang out with them but that wasn’t an option anymore. Around the same time I had another friend get a girlfriend and completely stop talking to me. I realized that there is such a correlation between strained friendships and romantic relationships that most people have probably felt. There’s such a strange absence of someone who used to be such a big part of your life. I made it with the thought of the protagonist (me, cause I am the one singing) being so dramatic and manipulative to do anything to see this other person, but in a completely relatable and valid way. ‘Left my Hydroflask in the back of your car’ was a line that we thought was so silly and an obvious (perhaps pathetic) excuse to just see someone again.”

“Punching Bag” was co-produced by her childhood friend and longtime collaborator David Marinelli. “I don’t want people to feel bad for relating to it. I want them to think it’s funny and pretty ridiculous – the lengths we might go to see someone again who we MAYBE shouldn’t.”