Cadet Carter Gives Us A Dose Of Optimism In “The Best Part”

Indie rock

Photo: Ben Czepiga

British-Bavarian quartet Cadet Carter fuels us with much-needed optimism in their new indie rock single “The Best Part.” Peppered with elements of punk, “The Best Part” has trimmings of alternative music where the bursting riffs along with the propulsive vocals inundate you with sanguine vibes. Stream below:

On the message behind the single, the band shared: “The world is full of pessimists, especially since the start of the pandemic. And I’ll admit, I‘m a pessimist myself pretty much most of the time. But right now, nobody seems to keep the light on at the end of the tunnel, no one seems to be willing to fly the flag of optimism. So we decided to write a song about not losing hope and staying positive, just for a change. That is how ‘The Best Part’ came about.”

“The Best Part” will be officially out on November 13th via 8 Ohm Records.