Ella Grace Swirls Us Into The Long Distance Relationship Vortex In “I Wonder”


Photo: PR courtesy

Ella Grace returns with a heartfelt single titled “I Wonder,” where she addresses the complexities and emotional tumult that comes with long-distance relationships. It’s always been time zones, schedules, travel expenses, and misunderstandings that have been the main hurdles. But now the pandemic has made it worse and Ella breaks down the gut-wrenching subject by offering her candid thoughts and intimate narrative. Steam below:

“The person I’d been seeing and planning a future with was in Australia when countries began shutting their borders,” she explained. “It left our dreams crumbling and me feeling out of control, sad and a bit hopeless on the other side of the world. As lock down progressed the relationship got more and more rocky until the past beautiful relationship was totally unsalvageable and unrecognisable.”

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