Motorbike James’ “Enamored” Is Highly Existential & Groovy

Transcendental pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Motorbike James takes us on an ethereal and existential trip in his new single “Enamored.” It’s a reflection on the beauty of our surroundings where he crafts an intimate soundscape with pop, shoegaze, and ambience elements to invite us into a sonic escapade. With all the chaos that is going on, “Enamored” offers a break from everything and appreciate our own environment. Hit play:

According to the artist, the song is “about the inexplicable experience of life. How we choose to interact with the universe and our surroundings. How we interpret what is happening, and how that influences us while we map our course. This understanding is something to take comfort in and allow to wash over us. Maybe it could unify people – to shift our guiding focus from whatever emotionally charged situation we’re presently in, to the massive unfathomable energy that we are all part of.”

“Enamored” is out now via all platforms.