The King’s Parade Explore Isolation In New Visceral Single “Brother”


Photo: PR courtesy

London-based band The King’s Parade explore abandonment and isolation in their new single “Brother.” Built on heart-cringing riffs, it’s a broodily upbeat melody where they capture the emotional void someone can leave behind. “‘Brother’ is a track about feeling left behind. The sudden disappearance of someone you hold close to your heart can leave an emptiness that feels impossible to fill. The song is an expression of that void,” commented frontman Olly Corpe. Check out the video below:

On the video, Olly explained: “This is without a doubt one of the most challenging and potentially dangerous videos we’ve ever made. It involved taking a seven year old boy in a dinghy out onto a choppy sea while Sam and I had to keep hold of the boat at all times, and duck underwater at regular intervals to stay out of shot. The team also had to contend with capturing the main sequence in one shot whilst remembering that the whole video would be shown backwards, and in slow motion…”