Yard Act’s “Peanuts” Is About A Gal Who Kills Her Imaginary Husband

Secret weapon: peanuts

Photo: James Brown

Leeds-based act Yard Act has dropped “Peanuts,” a guitar-fueled indie anthem where they tells us a story of a wife who uses her imaginary husband’s deadly allergy of peanuts to kill him. Built on breakneck guitar riffs and propulsive basslines, “Peanuts” is sprayed with witty lyricism and dark humor as they capture the fatal end of an imaginary marriage. But thematically, “Peanuts” has a deeper meaning to it as the band addresses the growing divisive culture we’ve been witnessing around the globe:

On the song, vocalist Smith shared: “While ‘Peanuts’ is quite clearly about a woman killing her imaginary husband, it’s also about accepting that we don’t all see the world in the same way. It feels to me that divisions are getting more extreme. We’re continually squeezing what should be a wide ranging spectrum of opinions and beliefs into two immovable castles towering either side of an unelected, unaccountable line in the sand. We’re so certain we’re right that we can’t comprehend why someone else could see the world differently to the way we do.”

Yard Act was started out by Smith and Ryan Needham (bass) who are longtime friends. They eventually recruited guitarist Sammy Robinson and drummer George Townend. “{eanuts” is out now via their own label Zen F.C.