Pierre Da Silva Addresses Mental Health & Masculinity In “Get Away”


Photo: Karis Beaumont

London artist Pierre Da Silva addresses his own intimate journey with mental health in his single “Get Away.” Through heartfelt lyrics and delicate voice, Pierre defies traditional masculinity as he embraces being open about his own vulnerabilities and issues. It’s soulful pop powered by Pierre’s rich vocals that channel his grit to speak out:

On his new single, Pierre commented:

“‘Get Away’ is my most personal release yet. It touches upon a very real and relevant subject, men’s mental health. I wrote ‘Get Away’ about five years ago. At the time, I felt very low, trapped and frustrated. I was on this path that was making everyone around me happy but was slowly destroying me because it wasn’t where my spirit wanted to be. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like I could openly talk about these frustrations. As guys, we’re often taught by society to internalise these feelings. ‘Sometimes it hurts, sometimes I’m tempted and sometimes I do, sometimes I smile, cos I just can’t explain my sh*t to you… we’ll just pretend everything’s cool’. Writing this song was like a diary entry. It really helped me acknowledge, process and deal with those feelings. It’s now a source of motivation to ‘Get Away’ from places that don’t serve me and carve my path towards where I want to be.”