Tempesst Perform Miracle & Try Not To Freeze In New Video “Walk On The Water”

Snowdonia adventures

Still from Tempesst – Walk on the Water (Official Video)

If you ever wondered what a cult founded by Tempesst would look like, then today is the day that you’ll become wiser. The London via Australia band has dropped their latest video “Walk on the Water” where we get to see them dressed in white gowns performing miracles while also jamming together in the stunning isolation in the mountains of Snowdonia. Fun fact, it was freezing cold but the band managed to keep their composure and look pretty celestial. Play the magical video below:

Drummer Andy Banjanin gave us his insight into the new video, which he also directed:

“We drove up to Snowdonia just the five of us, to hang out and shoot the video last winter. On the first day after we hiked up the mountain with all of our instruments and filming gear, we finally arrive at this incredibly beautiful lake just under Snowdon and set up ready to shoot the first scene. We were on the side of a mountain and I had a remote for the camera so I could operate it from the drums but it was about 50m away. Over the course of the first take, literally the very first shot, the weather changes from clear at the beginning of the song to full blizzard by the bridge. None of us know what to do so we just keep going until the song finishes before freaking out and packing everything up soaked and freezing. We didn’t get any more filming done that day, but it turned out to be the best shot of the video.”

The track is from their debut album Must Be A Dream, which is out now via their own label Pony Recordings. If you haven’t already, check it out: