Lydmor Drops New Collab Video With Her Fans Titled “The Gadget Song”

A laidback hymn

Photo: Courtesy of hfn music

2020 is ending on a wild note, but Danish artist Lydmor is giving us a breather from all the ongoing chaos with her latest single “The Gadget Song.” It’s laidback indie pop hymn that has a hypnotic composure to it. “I fell in love with the picture of sitting in a cottage while you hear the rain dripping into jars and pots. I wanted to capture that in the soundscape,” shared Lydmor. Along with the song, the gal has dropped a video that features clips of her fans from all around the world during the lockdown. Hit play:

On the video, she shared:

“I have a very dedicated group of superfans who have created a secret Facebook fan-group and subsequently invited me in. There are 150 members worldwide and because of my live streams during the corona-lockdown, I have grown very close to them. Now, I have given them a challenge where I have made the song [“The Gadget Song”] available to them through an on- line folder and then told them: ‘You have to film, there are no rules, but you have to try to film something that looks like what’s already there.” So if one person films something about dancing, then the next person should dance like that too. So it’s a collaboration THEY are creating.”

Stay tuned for more music from Lydmor in the upcoming months.