Sonnee Ruminates On The Power Of Connection In “Our Life”


Photo: Artist courtesy

UK artist Sonnee invites us into an intimate contemplative waltz with his latest single “Our Life,” an indietronica piece built on ethereal synths that yield a chill upbeat soundscape. With tints of classic house and pinch of electropical twists, “Our Life” is the perfect nocturnal dance anthem that captures the bliss of finding connection with other people. It’s a track where Sonnee finds hope for humanity, reminding us that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Stay positive and vibe on:

Speaking of the track, Sonnee shared:

“‘Our Life’ was my attempt to translate the sense of connection we always have with one another despite personal and global struggles we all face in our daily lives which is amplified in our current times. The tune was made over lockdown where many of us felt isolated and alone so I wanted to make something more hopeful and uplifting.”

The track is from Sonnee’s upcoming EP, which he’ll be sharing more details soon.