EUT Throw The Perfect Indoor, Solo Dance-Off In “Party Time”

It’s time to let your party animal out

Photo: Sanja Marusic

Amsterdam-based act EUT reminds us to never let anything stop the party – even the pandemic – with their new single “Party Time.” Built on hip-shaking hooks, “Party Time” is a chromatic synthpop piece where we get to see a dude having the best solo dance-off in his house. It’s awash with frissons that waltzes over you as EUT celebrates the joys of being mindful on the dancefloor – in this case, you entire house is the dancefloor – as you let your fabulousness radiate your surroundings. Also, keeps you healthy:

Vocalist and primary songwriter Megan de Klerk explained: “Life isn’t its party right now, but we can pretend, right? The whole record is actually in some ways about dancing difficult moments away… which we do in the video of ‘Party Time’.”

The band also added: “Only Megan was there all the time [during filming] and shouted along to fuck the dancer up and give him energy. He danced for hours that day and also had to change shirts often because he was sweating so much. Luckily he had brought three of the same shirts and one was always hung outside to dry!”

The track is from their upcoming sophomore album Party Time, which will be out on February 19th via V2 Records.