Lemonteeth Celebrate Art & Shut Down Haters In “Lazy”


Photo: PR courtesy

Lemonteeth give a groovy midfinger to anyone who has told artists to ‘get a real job’ in their new single “Lazy.” Although it was written before covid, “Lazy” is a self-empowering hymn that reminds us the value of creativity and shutting down haters no matter how chaotic the world we may live in right now. Built on foot-stomping riffs, “Lazy” delivers the punch of adrenalin you need to keep going:

Speaking of the single, the duo shared: “Although we wrote this pre pandemic it has become somewhat even more poignant during this space and time we find ourselves currently in. Only recently artists are being told by those in positions of power to retrain and find other jobs and skill sets…

…without art we may as-well be robots following whatever narrative is given. “

“Lazy” is from their upcoming EP Nuevo Rey, which will be out on January 22nd via Young Poet Records.