Curly Blonde Are Existential Couch Potatoes In “Room 309”

It’s a very comfortable couch

Photo: PR courtesy

Aussie duo Curly Blonde (aka Brynn O’Connor & Fergus Selkirk-Bell) captures Millennial existentialism quarantine edition in their new video “Room 309.” Wounded by sun-kissed chords, it’s a warm indie rock piece that has the shiny polish of hooky pop. Thematically, it taps into the emotional lows of living your life by rote and being at crossroads with choosing the safety of stagnancy or the uncertainty of change. Check it out:

Speaking of the track, Brynn explained: “Behind the rolling riffs, dreamy rhythms and vocals, the lyrics of the song stipulate someone who had such big imaginings for their life and set aspirational goals growing up, yet, they’re extremely unsatisfied with how things have turned out and whether they can ever have a meaningful life. It’s a pretty pertinent song, because I think most people in our age demographic are starting to realise and have thoughts along those lines, and the song captures a moment where you either make the move and live out those dreams, or whether you fall into the masses and go through the motions.”

He further added, “The concept of the video clip was to capture the isolation and monotony of being stuck in the same place but wanting to get out of there. The video clip resonates really well with the song, because Room 309 is about someone having such high hopes for life, but not being able to reach any goals. The COVID lockdown situation sort of helped us in a way, because not being able to go anywhere and having to do the same things over and over again fitted so well into the music video.”

Stay tuned for their upcoming EP.