Elthia Made A Song About An Onion Called “i love you, but you make me cry”

Yes, onion.

Photo: PR courtesy

LA-based artist Elthia explores the complicated layers of an onion or hurtful relationship in her new single “i love you, but you make me cry.” It’s indie pop constructed with delicate, silvery production and glimmering chords where Elthia’s siren-like vocals deliver both heartbreak and obsession. Lyrically, the track dives into the acidity and sweetness of that shiny oval vegetable that triggers our tear glands…or a toxic yet addictive relationship:

Speaking of the track, Elthia shared: “The message of the song is to tell the story of what it’s like to love something that hurts you every time you try to understand it. I wanted to show the duality of the two ideas that are constantly at war while existing inside of you, and showcase what the breaking point would actually be, if there is one at all.”